Play your way to a new language

Interactive Lessons

Designed to be as easy and fun as playing a game, perfect for your daily commute, lunch or break.

Conversational Modules

Developed with a breakthrough in mobile technology guarantee you will achieve perfect pronunciation (patent pending).

Vocabulary Builders

Scientifically designed to rapidly lock language material into your brain.

Mondly Features

  • gorgeous graphics and sounds
  • professional native speakers
  • crystal clear voice clarity
  • speech recognition technology
  • leaderboards
  • learn with pictures
  • addictive play
  • track your progress
  • compete with friends
  • real conversations

Quick, fun, and easy!

  • strike up basic, every day conversations and enjoy amazing your friends
  • order at the restaurant without needing anyone to translate
  • tell someone you love them
  • take a trip to the country you’ve been dreaming of and talk to locals with confidence.
  • check into hotels and get around
  • rent a car, travel without a guide
  • make friends and have fun